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Senior ML Engineer

Senior ML Engineer

Permanent, Berlin


I am working with a company who are on a mission to connect doctors with patients  through a specialty-specific cloud platform, thus improving patient experience!

Their vision is a world where the AI we design cures staff burnout, restores the joy of practicing medicine, and improves the patient experience!

The Innovation Center is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer for designing, implementing, and deploying scalable and robust machine learning solutions. This role will emphasize the development of production-ready algorithms and their integration into the company’s products or platforms.





OQ-industries MedTech

What to expect:

  • Design and Development: Engineer, fine-tune, and evaluate machine learning
    models for real-world, large-scale applications
  • Deployment: Deploy machine learning solutions into production using cloud
    platforms and containerization technologies.
  • Optimization: Identify performance problems and iterate on technical solutions.
  • Handle the entire ML lifecycle, including data collection, model training, versioning, monitoring, and retraining.
  • Tool Development: Design and develop tools and frameworks to improve the
    efficiency of the machine learning and data processing pipelines.


  • Flexible remote working policy
  • Unlimited holidays package
  • Personal education budget
  • Extensive career and growth opportunities in a fast-growing technology and health care area


  • 7+ years of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining ML applications
  • A solid understanding of common ML algorithms, probability theory, and statistics e.g. Textual and Tabular data
  • Strong programming skills in Python, including best practices like CI/CD, Git, documenting
  • A good understanding of ML principles and algorithms (geared towards scalability, efficiency, and robustness), especially focused on NLP, and experience with frameworks like Pytorch or Tensorflow and Scikit-learn

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Alex Price