Case Study: Orange Quarter & Hendrick

Case Study: Orange Quarter & Hendrick

How we secured 7 new tech, marketing and product hires in H1

17 July 2023

Hendrick is an Amsterdam-founded FinTech that helps small and medium-sized businesses find the right financing. Their mission is to empower SME owners by connecting them with a trusted network of SME financiers who understand their unique needs and investment requirements.

Their cutting-edge platform provides end-to-end support, and their financial advisors are dedicated to providing personalised and customer-focused service.

Q2 Hiring with Hendrick 

Challenge Accepted

Hendrick, a newcomer in Amsterdam’s budding FinTech landscape, joined forces with Orange Quarter within less than three months of establishing itself as a Dutch FinTech player. Fuelled by investment, Hendrick was on a mission to assemble a key team of engineering, product, design, and marketing experts.

Being such a new business at the time, Hendrick struggled to attract experienced candidates without a website, brand presence, or network. Grouped with Amsterdam’s notoriously competitive tech hiring landscape, Hendrick decided to hire with Orange Quarter.  


Acting as brand ambassadors for Hendrick, we were able to tap into our Amsterdam network and paint the narrative for Hendricks’s mission, to change the lending landscape as we currently know it. Within the first five months of the year, we were able to more than double Hendricks’s employee headcount.

Orange Quarter made seven hires across four different teams within 5 months. These results are a testament to our ability to effectively distribute our time, scouting the most in-demand talent across diverse capabilities.


Hires: 7

1x Head of Growth

1x Head of Content & Brand

3x Senior Fullstack Engineers

1x Product Owner

1x UX/UI Designer