Tips To Help Frontend Developers Keep Up With Tech Trends

Tech Trends In Frontend Development

Tips to stay on top of Angular, React and Vue trends

24 September 2021

Staying on top of trends can be daunting; the tech world moves fast.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of keeping up with tech trends, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It can be time-consuming staying on top of trends — who has time to scour the internet for tech news every day? And if you’re hoping to break into the tech industry, you want to make sure you dazzle hiring managers with your in-depth knowledge of the latest industry trends. 

Knowing where to look can make staying on top of trends much easier.

We’re sharing some tips to tackle emerging trends for Angular, React and Vue. So if you’re a frontend developer, buckle up and take note.


Haven’t got time to read the blog in full? Here’s the gist so you can get on with your day:

Frontend Developer Keeping Up With Trends

Don’t like reading? Learn with YouTube

You’re 2.7 times more likely to learn new skills via YouTube videos if you’re a millennial. And the tech community (and pretty much any other community) is thriving on YouTube. With a combined subscriber base of over 1.7 million, the three channels we’re sharing with you can help you keep on top of tech trends and craft your skill set — regardless of the frontend framework.

Learn more about Angular, React and Vue with these YouTube channels:

Vue Mastery | 42.2k subscribers

From beginner crash courses for building apps to tutorials for building single-page applications; this channel has everything you need to keep up to date with the Vue framework.

Angular | 101k subscribers

In Angular’s YouTube channel, you can immerse yourself in the latest updates to Angular (like the recent Angular V12 release, for example), deep dive into debugging Angular error messages and more. 

Traversy Media | 1.6m subscribers

If you’re keen to learn more about React, then Traversy Media is probably a good place to start. Because they’ve got a ton of video tutorials. The channel also shares a crash course in React so, in just less than two hours, you can grasp the core concepts and fundamentals of the library. 

Traversy Media also has some fantastic video tutorials for Vue and Angular frameworks. The channel also covers important topics including work-life balance and tackling burnout — it’s a must-follow channel for any web developer.


Tune into podcasts to learn on the go

Podcasts are handy, particularly if you don’t have the time or the energy to watch a video tutorial. You can listen and absorb podcasts as you commute to work or enjoy downtime in a bath — whatever your routine, they fit in seamlessly. 

Follow the links below to listen to our recommendations. You can find most of them on Spotify,, or 

Podcasts for angular devs:

Adventures in Angular

The Angular Show

ng build — pod

Podcasts for Vue devs:

The Official Vue News

Views on the Vue

Enjoy the Vue

Podcasts for React devs:

Epic React

React Round-Up



Find and chat with like-minded people

Actively participating in online communities is how you get to meet other developers to share and discuss ideas. Online communities allow you to learn from other devs, problem solve and tap into an unlimited source of inspiration. 

It’s well-documented that human beings are social. So although we can value our alone time, particularly when working from home, it’s important to still seek out that community collaboration — even if it’s just online. 

If you’re wondering where to start, check out these Meetup tech communities in The Netherlands. Meetup lets you filter by events or groups, so you can consider meeting other devs at events around the country (or the world).

Tech Communities In The Netherlands

Additional resources for React

We spoke with Freelance Senior Frontend Engineer, Marcel, who shared his go-to resources for keeping on top of React trends and updates:


Additional resources for Angular

We also spoke with Hassan, a CTO and frontend engineer. Here are his tips for keeping on top of Angular trends:

  • The most important thing is speaking with other developers who are just as passionate about Angular. Follower active developers like Kamil Mysliwiec, the creator of Nest.js. Also, follow the Angular and Typescript communities on Twitter — they also provide updates.
  • Set up Google Alerts for the ‘Angular’ tag to receive email updates about new posts
  • Follow updates with TypeScript, (reading up on new documentations and how to use them as Angular/Typescript go hand in hand).
  • Participate in tech conferences like — the Angular conference in Germany. 

Interested in a random fact? We have over 70,000 skilled candidates in our network (like Marcel and Hassan)! We’ve worked hard to grow a specific pool of tech talent and we’re pretty proud of it.


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