Top JVM Development companies to work for in Amsterdam:

Top JVM Development companies to work for in Amsterdam:

Our top picks and why developers love them

1 May 2023

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant tech scene and has several Java Virtual Machine (JVM) development companies that cater to various industries. These companies specialise in creating software applications and solutions using the Java programming language and JVM technologies. Here’s a brief introduction to some JVM development companies in Amsterdam:



Why developers love Hyfen:

  • Fast-paced start-up environment 

  • Cutting edge technologies

  • Ability to have a huge impact on product and company whilst it grows

HYFEN builds ecosystem infrastructure that enables up-to-date data and streamlined processes, while greatly reducing operating costs and maintaining the privacy of individual ecosystem partners. They do this by staying at the forefront of technology, compliance and security. They have developed an approach to solution design where end-user experience, compliance, governance and technology are solved in iterative steps. Working together with all the parties in an ecosystem is a key success factor in this approach.

CTO of HYFEN is Karim Grini, who has been with the company since 2012 and a few months ago, helped replace HYFEN’s long-running blockchain solution with a more conventional setup. The solution now runs on an almighty relational database and a shiny set of backend services in cloud-native Java & JavaScript frameworks.

As a developer, you’ll be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining HYFEN’s state-of-the-art software services. You will work in one of our project teams to write reusable, testable, and efficient code and to implement high-availability applications. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the proper respect of security practices and data protection. You’ll be expected to discover, plan, develop, document, and maintain new and existing integrations and endpoints. You will have a key responsibility in our 24/7 operations, and be one of the drivers for the software architecture, tooling, and integration strategy choices made by HYFEN.

Fun fact: Did you know that HYFEN is named after an impressive natural phenomenon? A hypha (which translates as hyfe in Dutch) is a long, branching filamentous structure of a fungus, extending underground, that plays a crucial role in ecosystems across the globe.



Why developers love Sympower:

  • Future proof domain

  • Interesting IoT challenges

  • Impactful work directly contributing to the fight against climate change

Sympower was founded in 2015 with the mission to enable the transition to a fully renewable energy system and achieves this by unlocking the flexibility of electric assets across industries, from steel smelting to solar panels, electric vehicles to paper production, and maximising the value of this flexibility across energy markets. When the grid is out of balance, Sympower temporarily adjusts the power of machines and processes through their advanced and automated demand response capabilities. Flexibility is a vital component of a fully renewable energy system and by providing non-intrusive software solutions, they allow their customers to enhance the value of their electrical assets.

Sympower’s Head of Engineering since 2022 is Joost Mulders,  an experienced and innovative IT professional with over 19 years of experience, a strong technical background and a pragmatic approach. Joost focuses on delivering value and creating environments that stimulate employee engagement, teamwork, creativity, innovation and learning.

Joost’s specialities are Agile Software Development, Scrum, Kanban, Agile Management, Management 3.0, Facilitation, Coaching, Leading, growing and developing software development teams, Offshore- / Nearshore software development.

Joining the team means a full life-cycle development, starting with technical design and ending with deployment to the production environment, identifying and improving parts of the end-to-end solution to make it more reliable, fast, secure and scalable, you’ll review code and be open to feedback to ensure high quality and be contributing ideas to the product development roadmap.



Why developers love Carepay:

  • Work in a social impact-driven environment and change the lives of millions
  • Work with cutting-edge technology 
  • Work in a young and international team

Every year, 100M people worldwide are pushed into extreme poverty from unexpected healthcare cost. CarePay is a fast-growing company that aims to protect these people by making health care more affordable and accessible. CarePay’s platform digitises the end-to-end health journey from sales to claims management to payment, thereby reducing fraud and making the previously paper-based industry much more efficient. They believe that using mobile technology and -money transforms the healthcare industry by placing the individual at the center with complete transparency. 

For each transaction on their platform, they also capture the medical data in real-time, which makes unprecedented healthcare quality control and improvement measures possible that are not at all common yet in the developed world, let alone in Africa. CarePay is currently scaling to other markets and is always looking for more impact-driven developers to help on this mission.

“Every day, I’m proud to be working with a highly talented, skilled and passionate tech team on making healthcare affordable and accessible for more people.” – Christoph Hartmann, Director of Technology since 2021.

CarePay is built on a state-of-the-art Angular frontend, Java- and Kotlin-based microservices, running on a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. Some of CarePay’s principles include API-first development and “you build it, you run it”. 

Director of Technology is Christoph Hartmann, who has been with CarePay since 2019.



Why developers love CerQlar:

  • Working in sustainability

  • Complex engineering challenges

  • Cutting-edge tech stack

CerQlar enables teams to collaboratively manage Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and other Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) – all on one easy-to-use platform. With their centralised portfolio and inventory management features, GO Portfolio Managers get real-time insights to help them manage their exposure. They enable market participants to create a single source of truth for their EAC data, simplify and streamline how they deal with registries, and optimise their post-trade processing and settlement activities. At CerQlar, they are setting a new technological standard and creating a solution that makes managing your portfolio and collecting data across registries straightforward. Some of their features include trade capturing, inventory management, position view, and more – all designed to support market participants throughout their GO trade lifecycle.

Anton Fedorov is the Head of Development and has been with CerQlar since 2021. Anton has 12+ years of experience in building applications, scaling, and optimising them in the cloud. In love with technology and armed with great hunger for learning new things constantly. Enjoying leading people, helping them grow, and setting up the best possible working culture for them. Key skills: Software Architecture/Development, Building and Leading teams of different sizes When joining the team, you would build and expand a SaaS platform that enables businesses to manage and trade Guarantees of Origin and other Energy Attribute Certificates. Essentially you get the technical challenges associated with trade capturing and working with cutting-edge technologies while helping companies move towards a more sustainable future.