6 Companies in London That Are Leading the Way in Sustainability

5 Companies Leading the way in London Sustainability

Meet the companies pioneering sustainable solutions

25 May 2023

London is one of the world’s major tech hubs, and a growing number of companies in the city are placing a strong focus on sustainability. From renewable energy to circular economy initiatives, here are five tech companies in London that are leading the way in sustainability.


Founded: 2007
Industry: SaaS
Employees: 94

Greenstone provides award-winning sustainability and ESG software solutions and services that enable companies to advance their sustainability strategies and become responsible businesses. Their three level enterprise software, analyses and reports on all data required to fulfil reporting requirements for the likes of non-financial, EHS, CSR, ESG, Risk and Compliance and Supply Chain.

They are committed to providing ‘data that talks to you’ shifting your focus from data collection to in-depth reporting and decision making.


Founded: 2014
Industry: Sustainability Software (Communications)
Employees: 47

Provenance is a global leader in sustainability communications software. Their software help brands and retailers share credible, compelling and fact-checked social and environmental impact information at the point of sale. Their vision is to create a world where citizens can make informed buying decisions that positively impact mankind and the planet. Since 2014 Provenance have improved brand discoverability, customer conversion and brand value for hundreds of CPG brands and retailers, including Cult Beauty, Douglas, Belu, Pukka, Napolina, Arla and Unile.


Founded: 2018
Industry: Retail (Biotextiles & Upcycling)
Employees: 176

PANGAIA is a materials science company bringing innovations and environmental change to the world through premium lifestyle products and experiences. They are a global collective of scientists, technologists and designers joining forces to accelerate an Earth Positive Future. All of their products are designed to protect, preserve and promote biodiversity on Earth.


Founded: 2015
Industry: Health and Wellness
Employees: 3

Meet the menstrual care subscription box of the future: Yoppie are building services and products that enable people with periods to take control of their menstrual health. From menstruation, PMS or skin, each menstrual cycle is unique. That’s why YOPPIE as formulating personalised self care kits based on each individual’s flow. Their products include natural period care products like ‘mood food’ and biodegradable tampons or flushable sanitary pads.

Each subscription box includes period care, PMS supplements and hormonal skincare, conveniently delivered every month to your letterbox in sync with your cycle.


Founded: 2017
Industry: Clean Energy/ Utilities
Employees: 190

Formerly known by the far less catchy Battery Energy Storage Solutions Ltd. Zenobe Energy has been looking to meet the demand for battery storage solutions for the rapidly expanding network of electric vehicles on our roads. With the sale of fossil fuel vehicles set to cease in the UK by 2035, this demand is only going to climb.

The company provides intelligent flexible power solutions to commercial EV fleet operators, utilities, and industrial and commercial businesses. It presently has a 170MW grid of batteries in operation or construction and is planning to increase this by 500MWhr of additional grid-connected batteries over the next two years.

Founded by Nicholas Beatty in 2017, Zenobe Energy has acquired $330.3 million in funding to date.



Founded: 2015 
Energy Tech
Employees: 49

Electron is an Energy Tech company accelerating the transition to Net Zero. They work with existing and emerging electricity market participants looking to make efficient use of network capacity, zero carbon and zero marginal cost power.

Their technology enable operators of networks, systems and local energy markets to unlock value in decarbonising energy systems. Their platform, ElectronConnect, makes granular, market-based interactions possible, offering opportunities for efficiency which are not available in the undigitised systems of today.