Tech Trailblazers: Women Driving Innovation in Amsterdam

Tech Trailblazers: Women Driving Innovation in Amsterdam

2 April 2024

The tech industry, known for its rapid innovation and transformation, has been historically male-dominated. However, in the heart of Amsterdam, a dynamic shift is underway. Here, we spotlight five remarkable women who are not just part of this change; they are leading it. Their stories are a testament to the impact of female leadership in tech.

1.Lethabo Motsoaledi, Co-Founder and CTO, Voyc

Lethabo Motsoaledi stands out as the Co-Founder and CTO of Voyc, a company revolutionising contact center compliance monitoring software. Voyc ensures that regulated companies can provide consistent and careful customer interactions. Recognised for her achievements both in South Africa and the Netherlands, Lethabo represents a new era of young, successful tech leaders.


2.Nadia Udalova, Senior Manager, Design System & Operations, 1Password

With a decade-long journey from visual design to solving business problems through innovation and team building, Nadia Udalova is a design leader, UX strategist, and community evangelist. Beyond her role at 1Password, she’s passionate about uplifting design talent, co-founding the Netherlands’ largest female-focused UX community, Ladies That UX Amsterdam, and leading a local chapter of DesignX community.

3.Dr. Melanie Rieback, CEO, Radically Open Security

Dr. Melanie Rieback, CEO and Co-founder of Radically Open Security, the world’s first not-for-profit computer security company, is a pioneer of ethical hacking. With accolades including “Most Innovative IT Leader of the Netherlands” and one of the “9 Most Innovative Women in the European Union,” her work challenges the norms of both tech entrepreneurship and cybersecurity.


4.Diane Janknegt, Founder, WizeNoze

After a significant tenure at Microsoft Netherlands, Diane Janknegt founded WizeNoze in 2013, an AI scale-up that democratizes access to education through the Internet. WizeNoze’s innovative AI technology curates internet content to match educational curricula worldwide. Diane’s vision for a global educational internet has propelled WizeNoze to international acclaim.


5.Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder, TomTom, and Founder, Codam College

Corinne Vigreux transformed the navigation world as a co-founder of TomTom. Her entrepreneurial spirit now fuels Codam College, a unique, free coding school designed to increase social mobility and computer literacy. Recognised by France and the Netherlands for her contributions to tech and education, Corinne’s work with Codam College is shaping the future of tech education.


These women, with their diverse backgrounds and contributions, are not just shaping the tech landscape in Amsterdam—they’re redefining the global narrative of female empowerment in the tech industry.