Women in NYC Tech: 5 Pioneers Shaping the Future

Women in NYC Tech

5 Pioneers Shaping the Future

20 March 2024

In the bustling tech landscape of New York City, a cohort of visionary women is at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of technology. These trailblazers are not only breaking barriers but also revolutionizing industries through their leadership, expertise, and dedication. Let’s delve into the stories of five remarkable female leaders who are transforming the tech scene in NYC and beyond.

1. Chantal Emmanuel, Chief Technology Officer at LimeLoop


Chantal Emmanuel leads LimeLoop, a company offering a smart shipping platform that combines reusable packaging and real-time tracking for e-commerce. With her background in software engineering and community development, Chantal is driving impactful change in the retail and supply chain industries. LimeLoop is a circular economy solution that provides both reusable packaging and platform to manage the end-to-end ecommerce shipping process. First, the company provides reusable packaging made with recycled vinyl materials and recycled cotton that comes in various sizes to meet consumer needs.

2. Laila Zemrani, Co-founder and CEO of Fitnescity

Laila Zemrani is an early adopter and advocate of personal health tracking. Her work on the topic has appeared in numerous media outlets and venues such as Stanford Medicine X, MIT, NYU, Harvard, Forbes, the United Nations, Future Healthcare Week, and HyperWellbeing. Named one of the top 18 female leaders in the NYC Tech Scene, Laila brings her expertise to Fitnescity, a company focused on developing innovative solutions to improve patient care and streamline clinical workflows. Fitnescity is a marketplace that gives consumers easy access to health and wellness tests–along with personal analytics–while allowing local clinics to reach more consumers.


3.Theresa Vu, Chief Technology Officer at Praxis Labs


Theresa Vu spearheads technology innovation at Praxis Labs, a company focused on enhancing workplace inclusion and belonging. Their platform merges advanced technology with research-based curricula to offer impactful learning experiences, fostering genuine behaviour change on a large scale. Founded by two women of colour, Praxis Labs is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, assisting clients and partners in integrating DEI best practices across their culture, policies, products, and services. With a background in engineering and leadership roles at Xandr and Yahoo!, Theresa is instrumental in making society more equitable through technological advancements.


4.Stephanie Choi, Co-Founder and COO at Sawyer


Stephanie Choi, previously Senior Director of Merchandise Planning at Rent the Runway, now serves as the COO and Co-Founder of Sawyer. With her extensive experience in business strategy and operations, Stephanie plays a crucial role in Sawyer’s mission to connect parents with enriching childhood experiences through innovative technology solutions. Sawyer connects parents with providers of the best enriching childhood experiences through a suite of industry-leading technology solutions with the goal of ensuring every child has the opportunity to discover their own love of learning.


5.Rachana Kumar, Chief Technology Officer at Etsy


Rachana Kumar, recently promoted from Vice President of Engineering, now serves as the CTO at Etsy, a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. With her expertise in engineering and technology leadership, Rachana plays a key role in driving innovation and empowering creators on the Etsy platform.

Etsy is an e-commerce site and a smartphone application for buying and selling handmade and vintage items. Users can find products in the categories of clothing and accessories, jewelry, craft supplies and tools, weddings, entertainment, home and living, kids and babies, vintage, and more.