Berlin Tech jobs during COVID-19

Berlin companies hiring during COVID-19

and 12 jobs you apply for right now from Fintech through to Streaming.

20 March 2020

Despite the wave of uncertainty that has spread with COVID-19, companies in Germany continue to hire. While there are a number of industries that have been negatively affected in the wake of social distancing advice and travel bans, in certain tech areas we’re seeing a dramatic increase in job listings responding to the elevated use of cloud-based tools and technologies allowing us to connect remotely.

Below is a list of the industries prevailing in the pandemic and 12 Berlin-based jobs you can apply for right now.

Remote Meeting, Streaming & Gaming Companies
While a significant portion of Europe’s population is on lockdown, we’re looking for new ways to be entertained and stay connected. Startups such as Slack and Zoom and are offering their tools for free this week while Netflix saw a growth of 12.4%.

Fintech & MedTech
Fintech & MedTech are two giants who so far we’ve seen little shift in tech team hiring patterns. These hiring markets remain strong through tech.

eCommerce & Delivery Apps
We may be stuck at home, but deliveries are still able to come to our doors. eCommerce or food delivery services won’t be enough to save all retailers and restaurants, but some are continuing to operate and even experience higher sales than usual.


12 Jobs you can apply for right now

  1. Senior Python Engineer, E-commerce
  2. Tech Lead Backend, E-commerce
  3. Lead Backend Engineer, E-commerce
  4. Senior Data Engineer, E-commerce
  5. Software Engineer (C/C++), Internet of Things
  6. Senior Java Engineer, E-commerce
  7. Lead Backend Developer (Node.js), SaaS
  8. DevOps Team Lead, Logistics
  9. Senior Data Scientist NLP, SaaS
  10. Elixir Software Engineer, Fintech
  11. Senior Data Engineer, SaaS