Best Companies in the Netherlands for Data Professionals

Best Companies in the Netherlands for Data Professionals

Our shortlist and why Data Experts love them

13 March 2023

Work in Data? Live in or want to move to the Netherlands? Then this blog is for you!

Due to its robust economy and high concentration of global firms, the Netherlands has a high demand for data experts. It is also important to note that the Netherlands has a long history of technological advancement and invention, with a significant number of IT businesses, startups, and research facilities. The demand for data experts in the Netherlands constantly rises and the increasing significance of data-driven decision-making is evident across practically all industries. 

We know not everyone lives in The Netherlands, but if you’re willing to make the move and not sure where to start, you can explore our guide here with our expert expat tips on working, the Practicalities and community & lifestyle of living and moving to the Netherlands. Already live in the land of tulips? Then read on! 

The Netherlands is a hyper-connected centre for European tech startups and the talent they require to thrive.



Why Data Experts love RevoData:
  • Netherlands’ first and only consultancy to be actively partnered with Databricks.
  • The founders of RevoData are ex Nike, Amazon, and Microsoft employees, using their career experience to drive the data revolution across the Netherlands.
  • Unlike other consultancies, the company pivots between building out Databricks as a platform, but also open sourcing their work and building it out for medium sized businesses, allowing them to be data driven.


Utilising Databricks, RevoData focuses on Digital Simplicity to deliver first-class Data and AI-powered solutions. Creating the best digital experience for your business, RevoData turns every person on your team into a capable data hero by providing them the right mindset, tools, and easy-to-understand, actionable insights that drive results.

As a Data Expert, you will be working with large companies in either Retail, Financial, or Transportation and Production, you will be key in building performant, highly scalable, and reliable solutions that are part of the latest trends in Data and AI with Databricks. You would be key in developing roadmaps and creating scalable ETL pipelines, developing the wider architecture, and building Data Platforms using Databricks.




Why Data Experts love Overstory:
  • Having a high impact mitigating the effects of climate change by using artificial intelligence to monitor and analyse forest health.
  • Taking gender diversity seriously, with women making up over half of leadership positions. 
  • Fully remote working environment, but with the opportunity to have in person team gatherings.


Overstory is on a mission to become the standard in predictive planet intelligence. Understanding every m² on Earth in real-time. The planet is under pressure. Data-driven information is needed to improve decision making about our natural resources. By applying machine learning to satellite imagery Overstory creates insights about the quantity and quality of forests and other natural resources.

As a Data Expert, the bar is extremely high for this start-up, with responsibilities ranging from running satellite images through a model, writing Python code to process and analyse GIS data, and working with mature models and pipelines, whilst developing, improving, and validating the ones in earlier stage development. Leadership qualities are fundamental, with an emphasis on coaching and mentoring the junior data experts on your team. 




Why Data Experts love Lensor:
  • Passionate about data and the high tech use of computer vision for identifying failures in rental cars, working on sophisticated Ai techniques and quickly gaining momentum as a leader in the data science space. 
  • Part of PON holdings, a conglomerate company and one of the largest companies in the Netherlands. With an annual turnover of more than 8.1 billion, being part of this group means growth and stability, whilst retaining their independence.
  • Still a start-up that allows for the space to have a high impact from day one, with just under 20 employees. This means new employees are fundamental in shaping the direction of the company.

Lensor have developed a gate that automates vehicle inspections where you simply drive through the gate and a highly accurate damage report is generated within minutes. The gate is suitable for all types of vehicles and saves time, money and overall increases efficiency.

Lensor has built a setup with four poles and four cameras. When a car drives through it, we take 200 to 300 photos of the vehicle in 360 degrees within 5 to 7 seconds. This enables them to record in detail the condition of the vehicle at that particular point in time. Then they send all those images to their software, which assesses whether there is any damage. Lensor has developed this software by collating a vast amount of photos of damage. That’s how they developed a self-learning algorithm that knows what is or what isn’t damage.

As a Data-Expert, joining the team you have to be creative, like a challenge, and be passionate about user experience, deep learning models, or cloud infrastructures. Lensor is the company for you if you love building up a new business, thinking about strategies, service models and business development.


Why Data Experts love
  • Having a direct impact on society by improving pharmaceutical performance through data driven insights
  • Strong links to academia and high performance in the world of ai
  • Using highly sophisticated modelling and unprecedented NLP techniques is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company transforming life sciences operations through AI solutions. was founded by Dr Loubna Bouarfa, who has spent the last 15 years researching the field of AI and implementing it across healthcare. has created a state-of-the-art, AI solution suite that compiles healthcare data from multiple sources, with coverage across hundreds of therapeutic areas, thousands of clinical trials and publications, millions of medically relevant free text and billions of data points that are specific to patient demographics. combines advanced AI with a hybrid explainability to deliver real-time insights, including predictions and suggestions to support commercial engagement, help identify medical unmet needs, and assist market access teams with regulatory submissions for new assets when considering the future price and benefit decisions.’s systems support life sciences companies to better enable the drive of personalised medicine across the globe. was recently acquired by Envision Pharma Group.’s offers AI solutions for life sciences which help them bring the right drug to the right patient at speed. offers solutions for Commercial, Medical, Access & Pricing and Real World Evidence. AI solutions of are already live and have generated over a million actionable insights.

As a NLP Data Scientist, you will leverage AI to generate insights that can help people make better decisions at different stages of the drug life cycle. You will build new capabilities and enhance’s solutions using various Natural Language Processing tools and techniques as well as test products for bias, transparency and reliability, collaborating closely with both Data Science and Engineering teams. 





Why Data Experts love citizenM:
  • A company with one of the strongest working cultures, they actually experienced some of the fewest layoffs in the hospitality industry during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Extremely low staff turnover, with high retention rates
  • Opportunity to be part time (4 days a week), hybrid, and commuting expenses to be paid for


A new breed of hotel. citizenM started with an idea to disrupt the traditional hotel industry by creating a luxury hybrid hotel for today’s modern travellers – eliminating the frustrations these travellers shared. A hotel designed around a new type of traveller – one who values a luxury hotel experience in central city locations, but at an affordable price.

A hybrid hotel that isn’t just a place to sleep, but somewhere to work, relax, and play. To meet like-minded people and get inspired. Somewhere to feel at home the moment you walk through the door. Somewhere with free Wi-Fi, comfortable furniture, and a great bed to crash in at the end of a long day.

As a Data Architect, you will be working with the data integration team, essential in working from huge data sets and be at the forefront of streaming at scale.As the leader of a large-scale data project, some of your responsibilities would include designing new services on an Azure-based API and microservice platform, documenting data models for custom solutions, and designing the cloud and in-hotel infrastructure underpinning IT systems.





Why Data Experts love Dataworkz:
  • Ski trip incentives, international conferences, and beach coding camps
  • Extremely fun atmosphere amongst like minded colleagues of the highest calibre
  • Competitive salary and company car

Data is becoming increasingly important for the business operations of companies and governments. It is also called the oil of the 21st century. This oil is necessary for companies and governments to perform better. Data is therefore playing an increasingly prominent role in the business operations of organisations and Information from data is an important source to increase the lead. Turning data into information, however, involves a lot of work. You need experts for that, and that’s where Dataworkz comes in.

Dataworkz are always looking for Data enthusiasts (Engineering and Science), who can make the difference to their customers. Professionals who enjoy seizing opportunities in a young company and who like to work together with colleagues to create data solutions. 

As a Data Expert, you’ll be working in close collaboration with senior stakeholders to deliver scalable, reliable, and flexible solutions. Day-to-day to manage a long-term partnership with customers to deliver multiple data products, driving their data strategy forward and setting a future-facing architecture. Within this role you will also be facilitating the production of Machine Learning products from conception with control over the end-to-end data life cycle.


Why Data Experts love
  • Great commitment to gender diversity, with a strong working culture across the company with employees from over 22 countries represented, a diverse leadership team and commitment to inclusion.
  • Named by Forbes as in top 25 of Machine Learning startups to watch in 2020
  • Highly advanced technology stack, with the freedom to continue pushing the boundaries in Machine Learning

Kaizo provides a unified, actionable, integrated Workforce Performance Management (WPM) platform for the world’s largest remote-working population, customer support. It uses gamification and Ai to improve operational efficiency, individual productivity, and team engagement. 

As a Data Expert, you will be joining a diverse team of entrepreneurs from all around the globe, working in Amsterdam and remotely from many countries, making a mark on team productivity and transforming performance management. Kaizo aims to actively guide employees towards achieving their goals and making an impact in their companies.


Swiss Re 


Why Data Experts love Swiss Re:
  • Staff retention is high, owing to the level of career progression, flexibility, and support given throughout your career
  • Data being core to the reinsurance business, Swiss Re manages hundreds of huge data sets, ranging from meteorological, seismic or health related data, and associated advanced risk models. The same platform is also used to provide near real time operational insights, targeting to cover 10 TB of data per day generated by 1’600 applications.
  • Strong financial background with little disruption during economic downturn, ensuring minimal layoffs compared to other finance companies

The Swiss Re Group is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Dealing direct and working through brokers, its global client base consists of insurance companies, mid-to-large-sized corporations and public sector clients. From standard products to tailor-made coverage across all lines of business, Swiss Re deploys its capital strength, expertise and innovation power to enable the risk taking upon which enterprise and progress in society depend.

As a Data – Expert, you would be joining the team in their Hoofdorp office to contribute to predicting, preparing and protecting against the world’s biggest risks to make society more resilient. Combining experience with creative thinking and cutting-edge expertise, Swiss Re create new opportunities and solutions for their clients. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of more than 14,000 employees across the world.