Best companies for Python Engineers in Berlin

Best companies for Python Engineers in Berlin

Our top picks and why engineers love them

12 May 2023
Best companies to work for as a python engineer in berlin

Berlin is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Europe, with a thriving start-up culture and a booming tech industry. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for Python engineers to find exciting and rewarding roles in the city. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my top picks for companies that are currently hiring Python engineers in Berlin. From start-ups to established tech giants, there’s something for everyone. So, whether you’re a seasoned Python developer looking for a new challenge or just starting out in your career, read on to discover some of the best companies to work for in Berlin.


Why engineers love Evernest:

  • They’re opening up a Berlin-based engineering team, so it has a start-up feel, within a funded and established company, with 160 employees. 

  • Engineering focussed team. 

  • They have numerous tech leads & a CTO, so junior/mid-level developers have great growth prospects 

Evernest is a proptech scale-up that redefines how residential properties are sold and bought in Europe. Evernest has developed a technology platform for real estate agents to make the entire process of residential real estate transactions more efficient. With the help of its full-service brokerage platform, smart marketing services and digitised support processes, Evernest offers a transparent and personalized experience for agents as well as property buyers and sellers. Founded in late 2019, currently more than 250 people are working for Evernest in Germany and Spain.

CTO at Evernest since 2020 is Mario Elstner,  an agile leader with a strong focus on products and outcomes, with the ability to solve complex problems pragmatically, and a career spanning data science, data and software engineering.

Joining the team at Evernest means you’ll be developing, running and scaling our software platform that empowers real estate agents, buyers and sellers (APIs, data services & pipelines, CRM integration, data warehouse ETL)



Why engineers love 35up:

  • Genuine engineering first product. Majority of their company is either BE, FE, ML or Product. Their CTO is also the Co-Founder. 

  • Incredible place to learn other languages. They use Python, PHP, Elixir, GO, NodeJS. 

  • They’re big on code reviews & pair programming. You become a great developer working here 

  • Series A funding, with runway for 2-3 years 

35up helps online merchants create additional cross-selling revenues, without any inventory risks or working capital investments. Powered by an intelligent recommendation engine and with millions of physical and digital products in their vendor network, their headless API seamlessly embeds the most relevant cross-selling products into the checkout. Some of Europe’s leading merchants work with 35up, generating additional contribution margins by enabling their customers to access new products and services that are highly relevant to them.

Co-Founder and CTO of 25up is Victor Schröder, who has an extensive work experience spanning over two decades. Victor began their career in 1998, working as a Manager, Financial, Graphic Designer & Salesman at Textil Schröder, a small family business. In 2003, they worked as a Conciliator/Mediator at the Small Claims Court of Teresópolis. In 2004, they worked as a Lawyer at ASK Advocacia, providing legal advice in the areas of Civil Litigation, Taxation, Corporate, Business and Probate Law, Contracts and Intellectual Property. In 2008, they began working as a Developer (PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Mobile, etc…) at eGeeks. In 2014, they worked as a Senior Backend Developer and DevOps at Scarosso GmbH, developing, maintaining, extending and monitoring a fully customized system in support to e-commerce operations. In 2015, they worked as a Senior Backend Developer and DevOps at Bringmeister GmbH, working with modern microservices and legacy code to connect several parts of the infrastructure. In 2016, they worked as a Tech Lead of Software Engineering (Backend, Frontend, DevOps and AI) at caseable. Finally, in 2020, they co-founded 35up, using the latest technology, strict quality standards and all their experience to give a wide range of businesses of all sizes a chance to compete with giants.

Joining the team means you’ll be working on building & designing backend APIs & working closely with the CTO. 



Why engineers love Momox:

  • Very established, they position themselves as The leading re-commerce company in Europe, also with a sustainable message too.  

  • Also known as a Python house, loads of Python Developers here to work & learn from, all very international. 

  • Constant growth in their teams, they’re always hiring Python Developers to join them, they’re very stable right now 

Momox trades second-hand books, CDs, DVDs, and computer and console games. Its sales process is easy: the customer enters the barcode number of the book, CD, DVD or game online and receives an immediate purchase offer from the service. The seller then sends the items to Momox without any delivery charges. Momox will pay the consumer once the items are received.

CTO at Momox is Marco Trettin, who has been with the company since 2013. 

Joining the team at Momox means you will be working with a passionate team on a central component of the Momox tech stack (e.g. warehouse management system, integrating external marketplaces), understanding and solving complex business requirements and conception and improvement of our software architecture.



Why engineers love Prematch:

  • Recent start-up, they have already disrupted the Football tech market, with recent funding from numerous investors 

  • Their app was number 1 on the app store in Germany 

  • They were founded in Cologne, but they have recently opened a Berlin office, which has a strong engineering & Python presence 

  • Currently growing, looking for Python, Devops & Product Developers. Cross functional team to join! 

Prematch leverages AI/NLP technology to automate content aggregation and curation for all non-professional football players in Germany. As a second step, Prematch uses its holistic data silo to create pro-level interaction and gamification experiences for the non-pro ecosystem.

Co-Founder and CTO at Prematch is Fiete Grünter. Joining Prematch means you maintain their cloud infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code tools like Pulumi. You ensure the stability, scalability, and security of their services and infrastructure to grow Prematch to become the biggest football platform in the world. Joining the team means you’ll add new features in their backend (REST API) to delight our users, keep their architecture clean to keep them moving at a rapid pace and support your colleagues in the effective use of cloud resources and CI/CD.


The Climate Choice 

Why engineers love The Climate Choice:

  • Working for a company that enables every company to transition to a low carbon economy through data-driven collaboration and individual climate transformation.

  • One of the Co-Founders & Data Scientist led a team for Silicon Valley company called – you will get first hand access to genuine experts 


The Climate Choice offers software to assess how ready a company is to adopt climate-friendly practices, and what steps it needs to take to become closer to climate neutral. It also encourages companies to add supplier data to the platform to calculate supply chain emissions, and the Climate Performance Assessments produced highlight any potential risks or opportunities to reduce impact on the planet and fall in line with international regulations. 

The founder, Head of Product and Chief Data Scientist of The Climate Choice is Rey Farhan. As a seasoned Lead Data Scientist and Head of Product, Rey’s rare blend of expertise has enabled him to bring each domain together to complement and enhance the other. With over a decade of experience in data science and five years in product leadership, Rey possesses a skill set that bridges both domains, enabling me to develop innovative and effective solutions. As a SaaS startup founder, Rey brings a deep understanding of business strategy to product development, ensuring that solutions align with both user needs and the company’s overall goals. Combining human-centric design and product thinking with strong data-backed evidence-based thinking.

The company also recently raised $2M in funding. The round was led by Gutter Capital and Possibilian Ventures, with participation from existing investors West Tech Ventures and business angels. The company intends to use the funds for further development and expansion of its platform, which helps companies understand climate performance, comply with reporting requirements, and take actions to realise climate transformation in the supply chain.