Best companies for Python Engineers in the Randstad

Best companies for Python Engineers in the Randstad

Our top picks and why engineers love them

10 May 2023

If you’re a Python developer or interested in working with Python in the Netherlands, this is the place to be. The Randstad region, which includes cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht, is home to many great companies that utilise Python for a variety of purposes, from web development to data analysis and machine learning. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top Python companies in Randstad and what makes them stand out in the industry. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, job opportunities, or just curious about the Python scene in the Netherlands, you’ll find something of interest here. So let’s dive in!


Dexter Energy Services 

Why engineers love Dexter Energy Services:

  • A lot of the work is completely greenfield

  • Your work has a positive impact on the climate 

  • Stocks and a high competitive salary are part of the package 

Dexter Energy is a leading European provider of AI-based power generation forecasting and trade optimization solutions. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Amsterdam. Their customers include innovative energy companies like Axpo, Greenchoice, GigaStorage, NieuweStroom, Scholt Energy, and Pure Energie. Dexter Energy is a leading European provider of AI-based power generation forecasting and trade optimisation solutions. 

Dexter Energy also recently raised €10.5 million in a fresh round of funding. This Series B round is led by ETF Partners and Astelia, with continued participation from existing investors Newion, PDENH, and Rockstart. The company intends to use this new capital to fast-track its product roadmap and assemble its services into a complete, self-serve cockpit which will allow its customers to balance their renewables portfolio while optimizing their trading strategies and minimizing balancing costs. To achieve that and to further support the expansion to new European markets, Dexter Energy aims to double the size of the team, to 80 people, by the end of this year.

CTO since November is Mehmet Sencer Karadayi, who has 15+ years of experience working in the tech industry. Mehmet has worked both as an individual contributor and a manager in big-tech(Booking, Meta) and as a software consultant in both the private and public sector. He is a failed serial-entrepreneur and now focusing on scaling tech startups.

Joining the team means you’ll design and implement RESTful APIs. Collaborate with the Tech Lead and DevOps Engineers for reliable, secure and documented API infrastructure. You’re doing this by putting emphasis on quality, suitability, versioning, and data security. Align API architecture with data processing pipeline for seamless integration. You will have the opportunity to improve your core tech skills and work with cutting-edge technologies. 



Why engineers love Textkernel:

  • A fast-growing company with a motivated international team from over 32 nationalities

  • Yearly week-long hackathon, meetups, training, scientific conferences

  • They are an international leader in providing technology that empowers organisations to understand, connect and analyse all their data around people and jobs.

Textkernel is the international leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Semantic Technology for matching people and jobs. Textkernel enables thousands of recruitment & staffing agencies, employers, job boards, HR software vendors and outplacement & redeployment agencies worldwide to work smarter and more effectively by creating efficiencies in the HR and recruitment process.

Head of Information Technology Operations since 2012 is Willem Swart, an accomplished technology and product development professional offering twenty years of project delivery experience within the IT environment. 

As an engineer at Textkernel you will be working in a Microservice architecture using mostly Python. To feed Textkernel’s systems, you will also develop data scrapers that fetch online data for the platform. You could also be involved in maintaining and developing data pipelines. 



Why engineers love Fizyr:

  • Their product is software for robots…enough said!  

  • The engineers built every implementation efficiently. They built a robust system for every specific need and unique requirement, by implementing and configuring the needed modules.

  • Every Fizyr implementation runs on the same AI core. By keeping this foundation standardised, ensures continuous development and quick scalability.

Fizyr is a computer vision software for picking & stacking items, and parcels, de-palletising and trailer unloading. Fizyr designs, builds, installs, and maintains an unmatched vision software product for automated picking & stacking items, parcels, depalletizing, and trailer unloading. Our deep learning algorithms are used to enable automated handling of unknown objects varying in shape, size, colour, material, and stacking, being picked from (conveyed) bulk. Fizyr’s product is applied in production all over the world by leading system integrators and end-users, in online retail, warehousing and parcel services. 

Sjoerd Bos, CTO at Fizyr has been with the company since 2020. “It recognises labels, even if they are at the bottom of the package. The optimal pick-up location is determined with a special depth image”

It’s a great time to join the team at Fizyr as they have recently landed another round of funding, and are planning to onboard multiple clients. It’s an exciting time to join the business as they will be experiencing exponential growth in the second half of this year. 



Why engineers love Aidence:

  • Their product aims to detect early stages of lung cancer using AI, so it has a very positive impact on the world.

  • Last year, they started a collaboration with Google Health, to improve lung cancer screening with AI

  • They are HQ’d in Amsterdam but work fully remotely and offer Stock Options 

Amsterdam-based Aidence combines data science and healthcare by developing artificial intelligence solutions for the field of oncology. Their first tool, Veye Lung Nodules, helps radiologists identify and characterise pulmonary nodules – small growths on the lung – and track their progression. These nodules, particularly if they change size or shape over time, could be cancerous and catching these markers early can help increase survival rates. A recent NELSON study showed that CT screening for nodule volume management reduces lung cancer mortality by 26%, and more research is underway to further explore the impact of CT screening in improving patient outcomes.

CTO at Aidence since 2021 is Stefano Baccianella, who is responsible for managing and the organisation of 50+ people, from cloud platform to customer service, including AI R&D, cybersecurity and corporate IT. Shaping the vision and 5-year strategy of the technology department and the company as a whole, ensure compliance with security regulatory standards (ISO27001), medical device standards and Quality Management System and is an active member of the C-suite.

It’s an exciting time to join the team as they are working on improving the algorithms for the models that detect cancer. By improving these algorithms, the team hopes to remove more false positives. Besides this project, which is mainly the responsibility of the Data Science department, they are also working on an annotator tool for the CT Scans, to feed the Machine Learning models with more data.



Why engineers love Dayrize:

  • The product helps its users to understand and ultimately reduce their environmental and social impact.

  • The work they are hiring for is newly built, so there’s a lot of room to do things right from the beginning (greenfield)

  • Shares and ownership in a rapidly growing company 

Dayrize is bringing product life cycle assessment transparency to the mass consumer market, making it accessible for brands of all sizes to validate their sustainability claims – enabling brands to reduce costs, unlock additional revenue, and build brand value. Dayrize’s purpose is to bring consumption within planetary boundaries by helping businesses and consumers reduce their impact. Until now the process of understanding the impact of consumer products has been complex, time-consuming and expensive. Existing assessments cost up to $50,000 and can take up to 6 months for a single product. 

Brand new CPTO at Dayrize is Edwin Poot. Edwin has over 20 years of executive business, product and technology experience in fintech, telecom, energy and e-commerce industries of which over a decade as an entrepreneur. Before devoting his time building a successful data intelligence SaaS company, he served as multi-disciplinary technology, product & platform executive for several fortune 500 companies. Edwin excels in designing, managing, and delivering multiple sophisticated customer-centric and data-driven digital products through building and leading high-performance product development teams.

It’s an exciting time to join the team at Dayrize as the Dutch cleantech start-up are now past seed round growing from being a start-up to a scale-up. They already are working with some of the world’s biggest retail companies, have proven product market fit with the first few enterprise-size clients and are working with cutting-edge technologies, such as Python & Django in the backend, with a React/MaterialUI based frontend, and hosted in GCP. Especially as the environment and sustainability are popular topics of interest at the moment, this is an exciting time to join Dayrize for people that are interested in seeing their work have an impact on helping consumers and businesses shift to more sustainable behaviour.