Best companies to work for in Amsterdam as a UX/UI designer

Best companies to work for in Amsterdam as a UX/UI designer

Our shortlist and why designers love them

2 September 2022

Are you a UX/UI designer? Do you live in Amsterdam or ever considered relocating? Explore our guide here with our expert expat tips on working, The Practicalities and Community & Lifestyle of living and moving to Amsterdam.

The Dutch capital is chock full of great companies for designers, named the best European Tech City to work in by Hubspot. High salaries, small to no language barrier, and an enviable work-life balance are just some of the many reasons to look here for your next job in tech. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. We will let them speak for themselves. Here’s a shortlist of the best companies to work for in Amsterdam as a UX/UI designer.


1. Castor


Why Designers love Castor:
  • Lead a Product Portfolio
  • Ai-driven data input
  • Work closely with stakeholders across all verticals


With the goal to make the world’s research data reusable, enabling AI-driven clinical trials, Castor are creating a future in which we maximise the impact of data. 

Heading up UX & Design since 2021, David Mitchell globally scales teams in Product UX Design, Creative, User Research and UX Writing for scalable decentralised and hybrid clinical trial platforms.

Their influence on the healthcare industry is huge and couldn’t be more relevant right now, at the forefront of Covid, malaria and cancer research.

As a UX designer, you’ll be leading across the entire product portfolio, working closely with stakeholders across different verticals in the business. 


2. Twill


Why Designers love Twill:
  • Service for small and medium sized businesses
  • Taking businesses from local to global


A new freight logistics service for small and medium sized businesses, Twill aims to make shipping as easy as buying a plane ticket and disrupt the industry while doing it.

Headed up by Head of Product Menno Veen, Menno has worked at Twill since 2017, starting out as Growth Catalyst. Now Menno is responsible for the product strategy towards a no-touch, end-to-end logistics experience tailored to the customer’s needs of Small & Medium-sized companies. 

If you are fed up with bigger businesses always getting priority, then as a UI designer at Twill your designs can help take them to the next level, taking businesses from local to global. Last year saw the company grow four-fold and they aren’t looking to stop there. 


3. CarePay


Why Designers love Carepay:
  • Digitising health financing
  • Solving unique challenges due to LEDC target market
  • Help develop B2C operations.


CarePay enables people to pay for healthcare they need and deserve with transparency and traceability through a user-friendly ‘health wallet’ accessed via their phone. By digitising health financing, they are improving how healthcare is accessed and paid for in African countries.

As a UX/UI designer, you have the opportunity to make an impact as they continue to develop their B2C operations. 



4. FareHarbor


Why Designers love FareHarbor:
  • Work in a flexible, fast growing tech scale-up with cross-functional teams and autonomy
  • “I run as little meetings as possible; as a designer, it’s important you get the time to actually design!” – Morten, Head of Design
  • Access to a suite of enterprise-grade tools
  • Big plans to overhaul the way they go about design

Would you like to work in a flexible, fast growing tech scale-up but with the backing of a giant like Shaping the future of travel, FareHarbor allows locally-owned businesses, that would normally rely only on footfall, an online presence on the largest booking platform across the globe. The Fareharbor platform also provides access to a suite of enterprise-grade tools such as scheduling, managing bookings etc to help run a business.

Morten Kragh Jensen heads up Design at FareHarbor since 2021 and has a long experience in being design lead having worked in London, Sweden and now Amsterdam. 

And they currently have big plans to overhaul the way they go about design, so if you are a UX/ UI designer with an idea, they’ll give you the freedom to run with it.


5. Dyme



Why Designers love Dyme:
  • Fast growing, small company with a  large userbase/reach, impact and autonomy
  • Landed their Series A funding


Any Dragons Den fans out there might be familiar with this one. Dyme is the money saving app that helps simplify and automate your finances.

Co-Founder and CBO David Schogt has a long experience in UX / UI and Graphic Design, as well as former Creative Director at Cycleswap. Safe to say, you are in good hands.

Last year they landed their series A funding and are looking to make multiple hires throughout the year, starting with a UX copywriter. Get in quick, positions don’t stay open for long.


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