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Case Studies


“Orange Quarter has helped us to place various candidates within Salonized. The process, candidates and eventual hires were all top quality and I can highly recommend them”

Timon Vonk,

Head of Engineering

Already establishing themselves as the market leader in the Benelux region for Salon Software. A recent investment meant Salonized were ready to scale across the board.
This was a prime example of how we can use our deep rooted connections and vast networks across different verticals in Amsterdam, as we helped Salonized with hires across Tech, Product, Marketing and Growth.



Candidates were pre-interviewed by OQ for the role
CVs were sent, of which 5 were selected for an interview
CVs submitted by OQ were invited for an interview

Founded in 2015, Salonized now has 61 team members and over 12,000 customers. Designed with the purpose of removing administrative nonsense from entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and content to support these individual’s in running their business ventures. Salonized strives to provide an advanced software product that is user experience minded.