HealthTech’s in London Going Strong

HealthTechs in London Going Strong

Meet the innovators showing no signs of slowing down in 2023

7 June 2023
Health Tech companies in Europe

The UK is becoming the Silicon Valley of Europe’s healthcare sector, with interest in the global healthtech landscape as vigorous as it’s ever been. With UK start-ups producing some of Europe’s most advanced and transformative solutions, there is an opportunity here being recognised by investors to not only capitalise on the growth of these companies but also to support the UK healthcare system.

Spending on cloud, digital and cyber technologies within the NHS increased by nearly 50% year on year and accounted for more than one-third of the UK’s healthtech market. Meet the visionary HealthTechs that are propelling London to the forefront of the global HealthTech ecosystem.




What they offer: Integrated Care Platform

Founder/s: Ali Parsa 

Employees: 1,392

Babylon has built the HealthTech industry’s leading AI-driven, digital first primary care service to manage population health at scale. Their platform connects members to all their healthcare needs, from virtual doctor’s visits to actionable clinical insights, closely guiding them through an otherwise fragmented healthcare system.

AI and technology help doctors and nurses complete administrative tasks more efficiently, and gain insights to make more informed decisions. To make healthcare accessible, they deliver it through the devices people already own.



What they offer: Health App for employees

Founder/s: Max Landry, Dr Mridula Pore, Evan Harris

Employees: 198


Peppy is the leading health app that connects your people to real, human experts, giving them the care and answers they need to take control of their health and bring their best selves to work, every day.

Their highly trained practitioners support your empoyees through underserved areas of health that fall through the gaps all too often. Menopause, fertility, having a baby, women’s health and men’s health. Peppy offers expertise delivered with time, passion and empathy, reducing the health concerns that cause employees to disengage, or even leave employment altogether.



What they offer: Software as a Medical Service
Founder/s: Dan Vahdat
Employees: 294


Huma’s remote patient monitoring platform advances connected care for patients and accelerates research and therapies. Their services include Hospital at Home (RPM) which collects real-world patient data remotely. It connects patients and clinical teams, enables greater access to care from any location and improves efficiency for clinicians. Their Decentralised Clinical Trials (DCT)  makes it easier to create a study for a specific therapeutic area quickly and efficiently, and collect high-quality data specific to your TA protocol. Last but not least, their Companion Apps (SaMD) offers remote patient monitoring with automated triage that helps optimise treatment and outcomes while reducing physician administrative workload.




What they offer: App connected kegel trainer and wearable breast bump

Founder/s: Tania Bolder, Alexander Asseily

Employees: 221


Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand developinging smarter tech for women. Their first and somewhat famous product, the Elvie Trainer is an award winning app-connected Kegel trainer that helps women strengthen their pelvic floor with fun, five-minute workouts. They recently launched their second innovation: Elvie Pump, the world’s first silent wearable breast pump, which achieved international status after its public reveal at London Fashion Week.

Elvie made history in 2019 when they announced a $42 million Series B, at the tike, the largest ever fundraise in femtech.



Industry: Software as a Medical Service
Founder/s: Stephanie Eltz
Employees: 130


Doctify has developed a first-of-its-kind patient feedback and review product allowing healthcare professionals to drive improvements in patient care daily. Their SaaS platform gives patients real-time verified feedback from a hospital, clinic or doctor based on their specific condition or procedure.

Since 2015 they have added over 25,000 doctors, hospitals and clinics over 4 international markets whilst growing their teams across 6 countries. Not to mention the numerous awards won along the way, most recently recognised as the 2021 Vitality Supplier of the Year.



Industry: At home blood test kit
Founder/s: Tom Livesey, Hamish Grierson
Employees: 127


Thriva have seamlessly combined doing a blood test and getting actional results and advice from a GP in 48 hours, all through a website and app.

Their B2B solution, Thriva Solutions offers health services and providers a full end to end diagnostic service. Since 2015 they’ve sent more than 5 million test kits to hundreds and thousands of customers, giving them insights into nutrients, hormones, cholesterol and more. Their clinical innovation pipeline offers a space where Thriva are constantly looking to bring in new tests and testing modalities, such as sexual health screens, genetic testing and urine testing.



What they offer: AI-enabled drug discovery and development
Founder/s: Ivan Griffin
Employees: 409


BenevolentAI is a clinical-stage AI-enabled drug discovery and development company listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. Their AI platform is well positioned to deliver novel drug candidates with higher probability of clinical success than those developed using traditional methods.

The Benevolent Platform™ powers a growing in-house pipeline of 13 named drug programmes and over 10 exploratory programmes, and it maintains successful collaborations with AstraZeneca, as well as leading research and charitable institutions.




Industry: Connected Scheduling Platform
Founder/s: Ishani Patel, Melissa Morris (CEO)
Employees: 106


In 2012, Melissa Morris, CEO at Lantum, saw firsthand the inefficiencies in staffing were drastically affecting the quality of the Primary Care system. Lantum’s connected scheduling platform gives you a staff bank, rota tool and clinician network all in one centralised place. The platform essentially helps to improve fill rates, cut admin time and reduce costs, drastically improving the quality of care available.

Lantum breaks the barriers between practice managers who need to fill vacant sessions and GP’s looking for more flexible ways of working.



Industry: Personalised, AI-driven Cancer care
Founder/s: Dr. Rayna Patel, Georgina Kirby
Employees: 29


Co-developed with hundreds of cancer patients and oncologists, Vinehealth connects patients to their clinical team, helping them to feel confident and in control. The Vinehealth app delivers helpful medication and appointment reminders and reliable, up-to-date information on how to manage treatment and lifestyle issues.

VinehealthPRO enables care teams to see real-time PROMs data and deliver personalised patient information, leading to better clinical decision-making, remote care and greater service efficiency.