3 industries to keep an eye on post-covid

Tech industries most likely to thrive in a post-corona world

If you’re wondering which industries are hot right now, you’ve come to the right place.

31 March 2022

Covid helped us form new habits — whether it was exercising at home, working from home, or basically just being at home more. But some industries are already thriving in our post-corona world, and we’re discussing three of them.

So, if you’re looking for a job in tech, the three areas below could be a pretty safe move!

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Food delivery apps

The likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats were in our lives way before the pandemic, so food delivery isn’t a new thing. But what Covid did was increase our reliance on almost immediate food delivery services, particularly in cities like Berlin and Amsterdam. 

In fact, Berlin has become a bit of a hotspot for new food delivery companies popping up. Two grocery delivery companies, Gorillas and Flink, have seen copious amounts of investment over the last year, giving us confidence that this industry isn’t slowing down any time soon. And by ‘copious’, we mean Gorillas raised $1 billion in funding in September 2021

This industry growth was born out of a period of dodging social interactions, and the immediacy and instant gratification food delivery play into the overall theme of ‘we want it now’ — a theme arguably started by none other than Amazon Prime. Thanks, Amazon!

Remote working tech

According to data, 24% of Germans were working from home at the beginning of 2021, which increased from 14% in November 2020 to 17% in December 2020. You might expect the figures to be reversed as we all get used to living with the virus for the foreseeable, but they’re not — working from home is something Europeans are embracing for the long haul.

Employers are offering better flexibility when it comes to where you can work (home, office, remotely or hybrid), and employees seem to respond well to the choice. Out of this adoption, tech has come to the forefront to help facilitate remote working.

These companies are popping up and seeing heavy investment in areas like team management solutions, project management tools, and remote worker recruitment.

An example of this is Berlin-based Kaizo, a workforce performance management platform that has raised an impressive $7 million in funding over lockdown.

Digital healthcare

Health and wellbeing have been headline topics for much of 2020 and 2021. After Covid-19, people are more empowered to look after themselves, seeking out new technologies, including online doctors and apps to help them reach optimal fitness. 

And with face-to-face appointments still reduced in hospitals and doctor surgeries, it’s become an even more exciting time for digital healthcare for patients and staff alike.

Two exciting examples of these technologies are Skinvision and Nicolab

Based in Amsterdam, Skinvision’s medical service “expands your ability to self-examine your skin”. The app gives patients the chance to take control of their skin — accurate AI algorithms help identify the most common skin cancers, so patients can quickly take action.

While Nicolab, headquartered in Amsterdam, is helping smooth out the patient diagnosis process, removing unnecessary delays for stroke patients. The tech helps professionals access patient data from anywhere — which means fewer delays. 


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