Best European Technical Conferences for Frontenders 2022

Best European Technical Conferences for Frontenders 2022

Which conferences should you be spending your hard-earned cash on? Here are 4.

17 March 2022

After a little bit (ahem, a lot) of disruption to the conference calendar due to Covid, you’ll be happy to hear that technical conferences are making a big comeback in 2022. Rejoice!

Sure, quite a few have taken to streaming talks and sessions online, and this may be the way they operate now in our post-pandemic world. However, there are still many conferences across Europe that are still opting for that face-to-face approach.

If you’re looking to attend a web framework focused technical conference in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed a few to keep an eye on as their agendas and lineups start to take shape.


1. JSNation / React Summit – /


For the first time, both JSNation and React Summit have adopted a hybrid format to their conferences, offering both remote and in-person participation. 

And with both conferences taking place over the same weekend, with no overlap in dates, it seems these two Amsterdam-based gatherings have joined forces, assembling top trainers, speakers and web engineers from across the globe.

JSNation is a 2-day event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. The physical conference will take place at the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, on 16th June 2022, with a remote date set to stream globally on the 20th.

While React Summit, 17th June and 21st June, will concentrate on everything React, attracting thousands of Front-end and Full-stack engineers from around the globe.

With early bird tickets completely sold out before the full line-up of speakers is complete, its post-covid comeback is proving popular.   

Individual tickets for JSNation are €300, with React Summit priced at €510. However, you can purchase a Combo Ticket, gaining access to both conferences for €730, with a 10% discount for group purchases of five or more. 

2. NDC London –


Making its first appearance in Oslo, Norway, back in 2008, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) has grown into one of Europe’s largest conferences for front-end developers, with four of its seven 2022 locations dotted around Europe. 

NDC London, the third stop in the NDC calendar, is scheduled between the 9th and 13th of May. 

Held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster, the event’s keynote speaker will be Richard Campbell, host of podcasts .NET Rocks and RunAs Radio, will be leading a 60min talk on The Next Decade of Software Development. 

Other speakers include the likes of Reginald Braithwaite, author of JavaScript Allongé and CoffeeScript Ristretto, and Todd Gardner, who, as well as being a stand-up comedian, is also the developer and co-founder of JavaScript error monitoring software TrackJS. 

Tickets range from £1,300 for a one-day conference pass to £3,125 for the all-access pass with hotel accommodation included.


3. WeAreDevelopers World Congress –

Are you interested in leveling up your knowledge in JavaScript Frameworks, NodeJS, TypeScript, Testing or IoT? Well, these are just a few of the topics being covered at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, making it a welcome addition to our shortlist.

Located at Berlin’s CityCube, the conference will take place on the 14th and 15th June 2022, following a two-year break.

With a rich history of attracting top-notch speakers, we’d like to think you’ll find several speakers that’ll float your boat amongst the 200 tech experts, innovators, inventors, pioneers, and core authors set to take the stage in 2022.  

Tickets currently cost €249 per person, jumping to €599 following the end of early-bird concessions. For this, you’ll get two-day access to all conference stages and sessions, 50+ workshops, expo, and afterparty, plus the use of the congress app. On their website, you’ll also find discounts for bookings of three or more, as well as for students.

With organisers expecting more than 5000 developers from around the world in attendance, the conference should also be an excellent opportunity to get some networking in — following the covid enforced hiatus we’ve all experienced over the last few years!

4. CityJS Conference –

Across the 23rd and 24th March 2022, the CityJS Conference could be a more affordable option. Taking place at Regent Street Cinema, London, you can register for individually priced workshops, ranging from £115-£150 each. You can also sign up for free workshops, including a session on creating a Web Component in a framework such as React, Vue or Angular.

These workshops will then be followed by the conference on 25th March, with the ticket for admission only costing £200. 


If you’re looking for a technical conference in Europe to network and brush up on your skills, we hope you found this diverse list a helpful place to start. 


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