Benefits of being a freelancer in tech in Amsterdam

Benefits of being a freelancer in the tech industry in Amsterdam

Tax breaks and unlimited holidays? Sign us up.

28 April 2022

The way we work has changed significantly over the years. With the rise of the gig economy, you can outsource a CFO to service your consumer brand nearly as quickly as a plumber to fix your taps. And in the freelance arena, there is one industry that is driving demand for talent. High-tech companies are leaving other industries in the dust, hiring more freelancers, and paying out higher wages, particularly in booming sub-industries including security, fintech, cloud tools, and mobile app development, to name a few. 

While your average nine-to-five is still the norm, the freelance workforce is estimated to grow by another 30% to 40% in the coming years. Making the decision to go freelance is a very personal choice and, while not for everyone, the benefits are undeniably tempting. Here, we have shortlisted some of the perks of being a freelancer in the tech industry in Amsterdam. 

Work when you want

Want to work part-time during summer? Take a whole week off for your birthday? Freelancers have the flexibility most people only dream of, with the choice to work as much or as little as they want (or as little as their bank account allows). 

Work with who you want

As a full-time employee, when it comes to clients you get what you are given. Freelancers have the unique ability to choose who and how many clients they work with. Also, unlike a full-time career where jumping from job to job is seen as a cause for concern, working across different industries is simply a reflection of your lucrative experience. 

Focus on the work you enjoy

Many full-time employees spend much of their time on tasks that lack full use of their skills. Freelancing ensures that your hard-earned skills are put to good use, allowing you to further develop within your chosen field. Nearly 90% of freelancers who have had full-time work experience in the past have mentioned that they experienced an increase of skills when turning freelance.

Access to the big bucks

Let’s not beat around the bush, freelancers’ salaries in the tech sector are amongst some of the highest in the world. Nearly 70% of those who have left the workforce have mentioned that their income is either the same or higher than their day job peers. 

Benefit from tax breaks

In Amsterdam, the most common form of freelancer is a ZZP’er (zelfstandig zonder personeel – or independent with no personnel). As with any job, you must declare any income from freelancing with the tax office. But the good news, you also benefit from a number of tax breaks. If you can show you are an independent entrepreneur and spend at least 1,225 hours a year on business-related activities, you are entitled to the self-employed tax deduction of €7,280. 

If you qualify for the self-employed deduction, have not been an entrepreneur for at least one of the previous five years, and have not used the self-employed deduction more than twice in the previous five years, you may be entitled to a further start-up deduction (startersaftrek) of €2,123. After these deductions 14% of the remaining profit is tax exempt. 


Dip your toe in the water

Interested but scared to make the leap? Freelancing is something that you can start slowly and even do alongside a full-time role in the beginning. This allows you to build up valuable experience without sacrificing financial security. It is also a great option for those close to retirement age who aren’t ready to pack away their computers just yet. 


Your tech industry needs you

Whilst once ‘career stability’ was objective number one, the gig economy has turned that on its head. With a perpetually advancing field of innovation, as soon as freelancers learn the latest tech skills they gain the upper hand in the job market and are well-rewarded. For many, the main thing holding them back from freelancing is the concern about steady work. For tech freelancers, demand is so high that they can mostly sit back and let the work come to them. 

Interested in exploring freelancing? Speak to our in-house freelance specialist Ryan to find out which companies are hiring right now.