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Cloud Developer #962

I am working with a company that focuses on utilizing all development and maintenance aspects of the public cloud optimally so that the cloud does all the heavy lifting needed. By leveraging innovative cloud services, building cloud-native applications and creating a culture of experimentation, they help organizations to become more agile. Their developers and engineers grow towards one common goal,  to truly operate DevOps in the cloud.

Applying traditional ways of working in the cloud won’t work because the cloud is fundamentally different. A dynamic and rapidly changing ecosystem of managed services has created a paradigm shift. Companies have to learn and change in order to develop cloud-native applications, but change is hard. They get that you get the cloud.

They are a consultancy that focuses on cloud migrations and automation.

We are looking for Cloud Developers to add to their team.

As their Cloud Developer

You are:

  • Passionate for programming and able to communicate and coach the advantages of the cloud to both business, agile teams in DevOps cloud development.
  • A polyglot programmer (Java, Scala, Javascript/Typescript, Go, Python), with knowledge of building highly scalable enterprise applications.
  • Knowledge of different types of infrastructure, no service deployment that you haven’t automated.
  • Asking for a strong agile background, without agile there is no DevOps.

Experience in:

  • Develop web applications using cloud containers or serverless architectures with for example AWS EC2, EKS, IAM, S3, Route S3, Elasticache or similar services on Google or Azure.
  • Design and develop serverless architectures with AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB, Cognito or similar services on Google or Azure.
  • Integrate and decouple applications with for example SQS, SNS, Kinesis or similar services on Google or Azure.
  • Deployed applications with infrastructure as code monitoring and cloud-native CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, Elastic Beanstalk, CodePipeline, CloudFormation or similar services on Google or Azure.
  • AWS / GCP/ Microsoft Cloud certifications.



If interested in more information please reach out to Courtney Cox



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