Our DevOps top picks in Berlin

Our DevOps top picks in Berlin

Our top picks and why developers love them

29 May 2023

Berlin has become a thriving hub for tech startups and companies in recent years, and with that comes a growing community of DevOps professionals who are shaping the way software is developed, deployed, and managed. In this blog, we’ll be sharing our top picks for DevOps-related events, meetups, and resources in Berlin. Whether you’re a seasoned DevOps engineer or just starting out in the field, we hope our picks will help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and connect with like-minded professionals in the vibrant tech scene of Berlin.


Safety io 

Why developers love Safety io:

  • Diverse opportunities in DevOps ranging from standard DevOps positions to positions focusing on Software Quality of the Cloud Platform

  • Backing and security over a market leader over 100 years old

  • Opportunity to be an impactful and important part of the DevOps team in a flat hierarchy

Founded in 2018 by MSA The Safety Company, Safety io provides its customers with software services that help them protect their colleagues in some of the most formidable environments in the world. Safety io is responsible for the development, release, and protection of MSA’s cloud-based software architecture, platforms (e.g. MSA Grid and FireGrid), applications (web and mobile), and safety insights.

Working at Safety io since 2018, is Team Lead Cloud Platform, Kristof Feuser, responsible for providing the building blocks and leading the cloud platform engineers, with a direct impact on future development.

Joining as a DevOps engineer, you’d be enabling and supporting software product teams to own their product and improve the CI/CD workflow and drive technical development of infrastructure such as building pipelines and deployment systems.



Why developers love Klara:

  •  Always expanding teams in Platform, SRE and Security with high-quality engineers

  • Opportunities to help set the technical direction of the company with a modern tech stack including K8s, Terraform, Gitlab etc

  • A clear path to growth and leadership into Engineering management positions and upward

Klara was founded in 2013 with a mission to transform healthcare communication, so every patient can receive great care. Klara makes it easy for healthcare providers to securely communicate with their patients and with each other, without worrying about HIPAA compliance or losing track of patient information. Healthcare providers across more than 40 specialities use Klara to provide a delightful patient experience while streamlining their own administrative workflows and saving hours per day. Klara has been proven to increase patient satisfaction and reduce time spent on administrative work. And patients love it, too — the average practice sees a patient adoption rate of more than 80%, which is approximately 3x the adoption rates of patient portals and emails.

Staff Engineer since 2022 at Klara is Thiago Campmany, with 15+ years of hands-on experience as a DBA, Data modeller, Developer, DBRE/SRE, and in leadership positions. With a broad range of different environments (from IBM Mainframe to AWS Cloud) and architectures (from monolithic to microservice).

It’s a great time to join Klara as they are currently undergoing huge AWS migration, building on a greenfield asynchronous medtech platform to increase availability, scalability and efficiency. 



Why developers love Stackfuel:

  • Opportunity to build and grow towards leadership positions in DevOps

  • The chance to work on a product that helps the software engineering community and gives back to likeminded people who want to build their skillset in the space

StackFuel offers online-based upskill and reskill programs in data literacy, data science and AI that are focused on the industry needs of businesses. StackFuel helps companies master the digital transformation and upcoming skill gap by supporting the effective development of their workforce into future job roles. The innovative online courses provide a modern self-paced and flexible learning experience that includes an interactive and cloud-based programming environment in which participants develop algorithms with industry data sets. 

The head of Engineering at Stackfuel is Christian Scheb, managing engineering teams with a strong technical background. As an engineer, Christian advocates automation and software quality, reducing the friction in software engineering, so that humans can focus on solving problems.

Joining the team means you’ll implement automated and scalable infrastructure for their learning platforms, which is able to react dynamically to load requirements. With your knowledge, you will play a key role in creating an interactive and exciting learning experience that inspires people to learn digital skills.



Why developers love Enpal:

  • First green unicorn in Germany and the fastest-growing energy company in Europe

  • Varied tech stack with tools like Datadog, K8s, Azure and C#

  • Mission-driven company with a close community feel, all aligned on an end goal of sustainability


Enpal is a photovoltaics leasing firm that provides solar power systems. Its product already enables customers to reduce their electricity expenditure through a solar system and a green all-inclusive energy solution. The company digitizes the opaque solar industry by delivering individualized installation of solar systems that configure exactly the correct solution based on client information and all available technologies.

Tech Lead at Enpal is Nils Lappe, who takes on the challenge of improving the data flows and processes and develops the foundation for energy solutions as the enablement platform and energy services on top of the platform level.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will work on complex problems in delivering renewable energy solutions: from monitoring and automatically scaling MongoDB and other infrastructure in Azure, to coming up with effective strategies for improving resilience and recoverability.



Why developers love Sdui:

  • The fastest-growing startup in the German EdTech industry

  • You are part of a young and motivated team that supports each other. 

  • A vibrant environment with regular team-building events

  • Managing a high-traffic platform dealing with millions of requests per day


Sdui is the solution for mobile communication in schools. With amazingly easy features for messaging, timetables and a wide range of third party integrations, the app digitizes processes and reduces administrative effort. Within two years, Sdui has reached hundreds of institutions and grown a serious reputation in the educational market.

Head of Engineering is Jan Luca Pulst, who has been with Sdui since 2018. Jan is responsible for the overall software architecture (Laravel, modularised), managing a team of up to 20 engineers, server infrastructure and operation of the platform, implementing product specific standards and engineering standards and long-term product strategy together with CPO/CTO.

Joining the team means you will implement, improve and extend their continuous delivery, integration and infrastructure as code pipelines, as well as improve our existing development environments so the entire team can test features even more quickly in more flexible environments. You will be hands-on with Kubernetes and Docker containerisation.