Securing 30 Tech and Product hires with Klara Berlin

Securing 30 Tech and Product Offers with Klara Berlin

Recruiting R&D teams in an extended hiring partnership

27 July 2023

Klara was founded in 2013 with a mission to transform healthcare communication, so every patient can receive great care. Klara makes it easy for healthcare providers to securely communicate with their patients and with each other, without worrying about HIPAA compliance or losing track of patient information. Healthcare providers across more than 40 specialties use Klara to provide a delightful patient experience, while streamlining their own administrative workflows and saving hours per day.

Klara has been proven to increase patient satisfaction, and reduce time spent on administrative work. And patients love it, too — the average practice sees a patient adoption rate of more than 80%, which is approximately 3x the adoption rates of patient portals and emails.

Founded by Simon Bolz and Simon Lorenz, is backed by investors such as Firstmark Capital, Lerer Hippeau, Flatiron Health founders Zac Weinberg and Nat Turner. It was named the winner of Silicon Valley’s Health 2.0 Award, as well as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. It has offices in New York (HQ) and Berlin.


Throwback to the start

When we started working with the team at Klara in 2021 they had a mere 15 people in their Berlin office. Fast forward to today, they have 50, 28 of which were sourced and placed by Orange Quarter. The team comprised of 10 Seniors to act as the foundation of the engineering department. From the get go, Klara’s hiring team were looking for Frontend, Backend and QA or Senior Fullstack engineers to join heir development hub.


Challenge Accepted

Orange Quarter was brought on board to support Klara’s growth in the wake of their Series B funding round, led by the likes of Project A Ventures and Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI Venture fund. Originally working with multiple recruitment agencies, we were able to deliver a steady pipeline of strong candidates and become Klara’s most trusted recruitment partner. Klara’s hiring needs spanned Frontend, UX, Ruby Engineering, DevOps, Infrastructure, and Engineering Leadership.


The Collaboration

In the first few months of our partnership Orange Quarter made great headway in hiring across Frontend and Backend positions. As the teams scaled Klara needed to hire into middle management and we were able to hire an experienced Senior Engineering Manager for the bussines who was soon promoted to a Director role. In the meantime, we hired a cross-functional data team spanning Product Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering. As the teams matured we focussed more on senior candidates, leading to senior hires at Staff, Senior EM, and Lead levels.


A closer look at the numbers



Average time to offer from 1st CV to Offer Extended: 5 weeks 


Hires made for Klara

🤝 Senior Engineering Manager (4) 

🤝 Lead Machine Learning Engineer (1)

🤝 Senior Machine Learning Engineer (1) 

🤝 Senior Data Engineer (1) 

🤝 Senior Product Analyst (1) 

🤝 Staff Engineer (1) 

🤝 UX Designer (1)

🤝 Site Reliability Engineer (1)

🤝 Senior Backend Engineers (7) 

🤝 Senior Frontend Engineers (3) 

🤝 Frontend Engineer (2) 

🤝 Senior QA Engineer (2)



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